SEE   You can't manage what you can't see. Use OmniLearn®'s integrated tools to gain visibility to the actual performance, skills, and challenges that your organization faces daily in a world of tough competition. Gain an edge by measuring and managing what your competitors can't see. Metrics at your fingertips with task calendars, reminders, surveys, and reports to drive performance and compliance.

360 Surveys

Achieve maximum individual performance and optimal team synergy by providing observed feedback on real behavior using the 360 Survey tool. Gain the most accurate insight into performance and behaviors of your team members through a multi-source rating tool. This includes self ratings, peer review, and upward assessments; feedback is sought from a variety of observers. Together, these perspectives provide a more insightful and realistic assessment of competency gaps and development opportunities. Successful businesses outperform their competition by implementing strategic talent management which is essential for placing the right people in the right role at the right time.

Some uses of 360 Surveys:

  1. Break down barriers to team/organizational synergy. See your organization accurately, in detail, by evaluating behaviors, performance, and best practices.
  2. Identify Hidden Strengths and Correct Hidden Weaknesses. Use detailed knowledge of employee skills, competencies, strengths and gaps to achieve optimal individual and team results.
  3. Motivate and Reward top performers. Don't lose top-performers — use accurate feedback to see and understand how to provide appropriate motivation and new challenges to allow your high performers to excel.

Dynamic Reporting

Drive critical decisions with accurate and timely dynamic reporting. Using situation-specific analysis and benchmarks to derive answers you will accelerate your organization's understanding and use of strategic information to measurably improve your performance, alignment, and results.

  1. Ask the right questions. Using the Dynamic Reporting structure you will know what you need to ask and why.
  2. Benchmark against existing data. Use your current data to track trends, changes, and see emerging patterns ahead of your competition.
  3. Drive the skills, behaviors, and competencies that create meaningful results. Know what is important — when you need to use the information to drive decisions.

Surveys and Assessments

Ask just-in-time questions and get immediate answers giving you a short-term and long-term insight into the health and strength of your organization. Identify best practices to be shared, network high-performers, and collect data on culture, direction, and even competition instantly.

InsightAnalytics provides you with validated metrics to drive business decisions with assurance.

InsightAnalytics provides the centerpiece of a coherent leadership strategy. By helping you understand what matters to your business, how you're doing, where the gaps and challenges are — and, best of all, giving you the tools and answers to execute effective solutions — you can act with confidence when driving your strategic initiatives.

  1. Integrated with your business tools for easy access and review. InsightAnalytics provides you with a more comprehensive and accessible picture of the workforce.
  2. Automated based on Industry Best Practices. Using the best research and 25 years of experience, our technology provides a reliable data foundation to enable organizational leadership, from top to bottom, to gain critical insights allowing your organization to increase performance and effectiveness quickly.
  3. Integrated organizational interaction. Quickly evaluate strategic change, project workforce impact of new initiatives, and identify key logs and critical change agents using vanguard analytics, planning and metrics available instantly through the system.
  4. Instant Access to essential data. Key metrics are visible instantly on an intuitive interface, allowing you to make informed and timely decisions.
  5. Dynamic Interface for a deeper dive. Use the unique interface to assess up-to-date metrics from different perspectives to clearly identify an issue's source and take a deep dive into decision-driving data.
  6. Gain accountability. Build a culture of accountability with instant access to vital metrics embedded into normal business operation.

Implemented across your organization, InsightAnalytics provides you with the information you need to create targeted action plans and workforce initiatives that drive greater business success.