KNOW   Peak performance is the key to business success. Know what you need to compete in your business environment. Use the OmniLearn® integrated tools to develop, train, measure, and grow your employees — enabling you to drive true individual performance directly related to organizational goals.

  1. Know your best workers. Identify and establish best practices, use just-in-time programs to engage high-potential people and help them to help your organization exceed competition.
  2. Harness the power of a culture of learning. In today's highly competitive environment, your organization needs to focus on achieving best practices through our Mastery Process of mini-assessment, feedback, and compliance to demonstrate measurable performance.
  3. Action-based performance review process drives results. Use online performance reviews linked directly to online learning and development, defined by measurable goals, and tracked by online feedback.
  4. Transform workplace performance. Transform your standard evaluation process into a dynamic feedback loop between managers and employees, as well as teams, clients, and peers.
  5. Establish real compliance. Ensure the legality and defensibility of required courses and evaluations for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance and the many other industry-specific regulations by creating an audit trail of discoverable documents, validated metrics, and track-able mastery processes that include targeted practice, reinforcement, and measurement.
  6. Use OmniLearn®'s interactive lessons or create your own — the key is our follow-up guided practice and Performance Snapshot process. The OmniLearn® process is unique because it interlinks all interactions and events to drive mastery and success. The opportunity to provide pre-work and evaluation prior to an event, as well as follow-up after an event not only ensures comprehension and mastery, it drives implementation of tasks, goals and timelines as well as establishes a transfer to long-term memory. If an event yields less than 20% transfer to long-term memory and statistically limited implementation impact, boost your investment to 85+% by simply providing automated targeted practice, follow-up and reminders over the months following interventions and events. Data-base driven and learner-focused, the OmniLearn® process can respond to each participant's needs uniquely.

Know your work-force. Establish a learning culture to drive performance while establishing practice, mastery and feedback. Control your exposure to talent risk from worker shortages, aging workforces, or declining skills by maintaining a dynamic learning process including frequent assessment and just-in-time training. Measurement and reporting provides you the tools to make decisions and changes to address on-coming issues and completion. The OmniLearn® suite of integrated tools helps ensure that you "get it RIGHT!" You'll have the right people with the right skills at the right time and right cost to drive success now and in the future.